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Abgeschickt von Donald De Sario am 10 Maerz, 2008 um 03:21:34

Antwort auf: Re: Supervision View von Peter Kirst am 05 Maerz, 2008 um 07:15:56:

: : Hello. I can easily view the pics remotely by simply entering the ip/url address and it works ok. But, when I enter the same address in the View program it says "Cannot connect to URL".
: : Suggestions?
: : Thank you!!

: Do not enter the full address, just enter the computer name or the ip number in this box.

OK, Thanks Peter. That was the problem. SVV worked great. However, the next day when I tried accessing the camera by internet using the exact address that I did the day before it won't seem to 'connect'. I keep getting an error that says "Explorer cannot load page". I have a cable modem, my address is the same but it will not connect. When I click "Test" in the HTTP settings area it loads up great. I have checked all firewalls and my router to make sure port 80 is open and it is. I have been working on it for days. I cannot think of anything else to check.
Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!


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