Using IP camera as video source

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Abgeschickt von Lio am 03 April, 2008 um 19:05:37

Hi Peter, I have been a very happy user of SVC for several years now, using a wireless camera transmitting at 2.4Ghz and picking up the video via a receiver connected to a PC video card. As you know this frequency is used by the LAN,so there can be interference on the picture and I always wanted to replace the camera. Now I have a Linksys WVC200, with a built in server. There is no noise on the picture, but I have a problem to get SVC to use it. The source url is and if I give this to SVC, it prompts for user/pwd (which I notice that I can specify in the settings) but all I see on the panel is "Downloading". What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any feedback.


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