Re: Using IP camera as video source

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Abgeschickt von Lio am 05 April, 2008 um 20:38:09

Antwort auf: Re: Using IP camera as video source von Peter Kirst am 04 April, 2008 um 06:37:24:

Peter, I guess the url I mentioned is a videostream. I tried your Beta-version, specifying this url as a videostream, and indeed it did work - but only for a while. Then the motion detection seemed to hang. In the motion detection tab, the program still seemed to be working, but no more snaps were taken from this, although I could manually take snaps. I understand this is just a beta-but do you have any idea why I see these symptoms? Also, I don't understand what you mean by "SVC needs a live jpg". If I look in the source of the Linksys url that accesses the camera, I see - if( vmode == "jpeg" ) then it constructs a url ending "/img/mjpeg.cgi" otherwise it uses "/img/video.asf" - does this give any clues?
Thanks again.


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