Mask or not to Mask... Your cam is the question

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Abgeschickt von Glen am 10 Oktober, 2008 um 05:24:38:

For anyone who may be trying to figure out why the masking feature is not working for them like they had hoped, I had the same problem and it was driving me nuts. The cleaning crew would use a vacuum that would cause the florescent lights to flicker. Looking at the lights with your eyes you could not tell a difference, but the cheap camera I had was going all over the place; causing bright and dim spells that would make SVC trigger. I tried all sorts of masks, but nothing worked until I turned off the “Auto Exposure” option of my camera via the “Image Source / Video Source / Auto Exposure” option. As stated in the help document, your camera may have a different Video Source menu.

I would give this a try before taking a lot of time trying to work around your camera’s exposure issue with a mask. Seeing this note would have saved me a lot of time, and likely the time of a lot of posters in this forum.

Thanks Peter for a great product.


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