Where did the folders go?

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Abgeschickt von David G am 19 Oktober, 2008 um 16:29:55:

I'm running supervision cam on my lenovo laptop with Vista Business 64bit.

I had no trouble browsing through about 20hours worth of shots while I had supervision up... But when I closed the program, I can't seem to find any of the files again.

I've checked the folder that's designated as the directory, and it only has two days ago saved- nothing more recent. When I try to open another configuration and then browse for a new one, if I switch to "search all file types" I can find two more folders for yesterday and today, and even use windows viewer to see the pictures one at a time... And yet when I go to the same folder myself Vista tells me it's not there?!

I do have a password enabled to open up SupervisionCam but if that's what's blocking me, how do I access the files?!

Thanks very much!


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