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Abgeschickt von g am 12 November, 2008 um 05:26:02:

Antwort auf: License and Image Shift von John Hancock am 30 Oktober, 2008 um 15:48:09:

: I have a 4 channel card and I have a couple of issues going on, the first is that occasionally I get a shift from one channel to the other this is not good I noticed some comments about adjusting the syncronziation time whould this help?

: Also my image is shifty hard to explain other than I have to set the motion % up to over 75% to get it stable enough to not trigger all the time. Its not the camera(s) it might be the card, but was wondering if there is an adjustment somewhere to compensate.

i have a 4 port card as well, bought a new $100 camera, after 2 cameras, using the "detect changes" i found out some white gravel was being read as motion(used a tv to rule out camera)


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