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Abgeschickt von John Bolton am 17 Dezember, 2008 um 12:41:14

Antwort auf: Re: von Peter Kirst am 17 Dezember, 2008 um 07:20:47:

: The intention for the minitemplate.txt is not to create a HTML page but to force SvC always to upload the last image to the server.
: SvC triggers an upload only with a template protocol "script" but if you just want to include a "live" image into your web-design (may be java featured with periodically updates) you don't need the generated protocol. For this purpose you can use minitemplate.txt. It is never used on the server but it triggers SvC to upload the current image.

Hello Peter I am not quite sure about this but maybe some kind sole can provide a little jave for me so I can add the Live update to my WEB .. Thanks again for you reply John


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