Re: Funny Supervisioncam compilation.

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Abgeschickt von Mike D am 30 Dezember, 2008 um 18:52:42:

Antwort auf: Funny Supervisioncam compilation. von Kenny am 27 Dezember, 2008 um 03:35:15:

: Hi,
: I made a funny complation of my neighbor tresspassing thro my driveway, yard and patio when im not home. also she steps in cat crap 3 times. and another time she picks it up with her hands and tosses it in my yard. a cat hoarder thats illeagal in many ways in my city. all of cam to right of building to the left is my yard.
: very funny.


: tks,Kenny

cat hoarding is illegal? why would u set traps for cats? wtf is wrong with u?


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