Passive Revenue Opportunity from blinkx

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Abgeschickt von Adam Sweet am 22 Januar, 2009 um 19:12:05


I recently came across your product and am impressed with the functionality and its popularity. blinkx is rolling out a fully branded, customizable toolbar which might be worth discussing as a way to increase revenue while enhancing user experience.

Personalized toolbar designed with functionality suited specifically to your user base and site.

Incremental revenue generation while user is onsite or browsing away from site.

Quick links to your site and product every time user is online.

No development cost to you...blinkx does all the work!

Do you have a few minutes this week to speak directly about the revenue model and potential functionality for a personalized toolbar? Please contact me by phone or email at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

Adam Sweet

Business Development Executive
blinkx, inc


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