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Abgeschickt von Graham am 29 September, 2009 um 23:25:02:

Antwort auf: Re: MOVING THE WINDOWS AROUND (again) von Peter Kirst am 23 September, 2009 um 06:49:12:

Hello Peter

I have expanded the window to a full screen and the config window to fill that one too, no amount of moving the windows around will restore the original layout.
There is no grab bar on the list window, and this is the one that simply will not move to where it is required.
It stubbornly sticks to the left hand side of the configuration window(s) and refuses to move back to the right hand side.

Regards, Gra....

AHA! there I managed to do it! I have to Detach the video window(s) onto the desktop, then when they are returned to the left hand side of the configuration window they will kick the list window across, not at all logical or easy to guess, a grab bar on the list view might be much simpler?

Cheers for your input. Gra.

: I have seen your snapshots, thanks. You need really only a view mouse moves to restore the original layout but you should start to maximize the SvC window and the configuration window inside SvC first.


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