Windows 7 and update

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Abgeschickt von Eduardo am 03 November, 2009 um 21:29:14

Dear forum pals (lol)

Just to announce that I have Supervisioncam working GREAT! in my Windows 7 Ultimate with my 2 logitech messenger and my 2 trust webcams.

As for the update.... i'm asking the author(s) of this GREAT PROGRAM (wich I registered !) what are you thinking of doing with this:

Download SupervisionCam 3.05.14
September 15, 2005 (1100k)

Maybe some skins, or new / advanced features???
Have You lost yourselves in some other great project I don't know about? or just forgot this app??

Many thanks to everybody in this forum, allways found the needed help here!

Keep up te good work, team!
(sorry I'm Portuguese and don't understand German - but I know some Japanese, do you?


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