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Abgeschickt von Chris am 04 Februar, 2010 um 09:07:57:

Antwort auf: Re: Losing detection mask von Peter Kirst am 30 Januar, 2010 um 16:16:09:

: Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean with

: : Almost every day, i'm losing the detection mask.
: : I have to stop and restart program to recover it.

: Does the program forgot the mask for the motion detection? I cannot reproduce a problem.

Hi, yes, mask is lost for the motion detection after several hours of correct detection. BMP detection files are present in the supervision directory.

Restarting the program make it works correctly for again several hours.

I'm going to downgrade my version from 3.2 to 3.05 and let you know if i have the same issue.



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