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Abgeschickt von g w am 05 April, 2010 um 20:48:36:

Antwort auf: Re: Losing detection mask von Peter Kirst am 05 Februar, 2010 um 13:18:07:

: : Hi again, i don't have anymore the issue on v3.2 when i'm removing the Time schedule on /off option (i was using it for restarting the software after a pc reboot/ power failure). Strange ???

: Really strange. Up to now I have no idea what happens. If it works after restart - it should work allways.

i have noticed the problem as well in the new version, if you add the timed start(i use it so that it should auto start after power failure or reboot, start and end 7 days at 00:00) the mask is cleared, and when you redo the mask, the timed start disapears. mask file somehow gets wiped back to blank if you make changes to the configuration for that camera.


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