Watch how you sleep with SVC :-)

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Abgeschickt von Alex am 11 April, 2010 um 13:27:25:

Back in 2003 I bought my first webcam and found that program, I think it was version 1.0.

What I wanted to do with it was watch my studio to find out if anybody was coming inside while I was away but then I got the idea that if it can record only when some motion is detected, it could record the entire 8 hours I spend sleeping, saving only the moments when something is happening.

So I configured it to do just that, and to my surprise when I got up I found out that I was moving a lot in my sleep, trying to protect my eyes from the excessive light (as I sleep during the day) and because of loud noises like trucks passing under my window.

I always thought I slept like a log until I saw that recording!


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