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Abgeschickt von Tim am 25 Mai, 2010 um 19:40:08

Hi Peter,
Sorry for hogging the forum. Is there a possibilty that on a later release you could enable avi creation on external input trigger. It has taken me some time to figure out that this is only peformed for motion (picture change)triggers. I have managed to upload video files using 'folderwatch'. It is setup to trigger on a new avi file creation. This is then uploaded using a tag that would normally name it by time or folder. I just tag it with {drive} and the file gets named c.avi and overwrites the existing c.avi on the website. I could use your 'run program' on trigger to make an avi of say the last 20 external trigger pictures but although a useful exercise, it would be nice if you could incorperate the generation and optional upload in a new version. I don't mind paying for for the new version.
this is Supervisioncam using 'folderwatch'.
These are my other two camera's.
Thanks for the the latest version and best regards,


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