Can't hibernate while camera is on

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Abgeschickt von Vince K am 27 Juni, 2010 um 18:28:56:

I love SvC ... I have it running on a computer in my back room that also serves a small website. The camera overlooks my front door and yard and works great. I regularly catch my landlord's dog in my yard trying to knock over my garbage cans in the middle of the night!

I have the computer on a uninterruptible power supply, which allows the computer to hibernate when the battery level drops below 50%. This hibernation is invoked from a small program that is called from the Windows XP power config thing in the control panel. That method works great on all computers except the one with SvC on it. Its not a fault of SvC, rather windows says "the computer cannot hibernate because a device is keeping it from doing so (the camera device)".

So my question here is: Has anyone found a good solution for stopping supervision (thus releasing the camera device) from a batch file?

The only other solution is to use a small program in a batch file that will unconditionally kill the SvC process, then try to hibernate. Thats a rough solution, but I was hoping there was a more SvC-friendly way to accomplish unsupervised hibernation.


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