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Abgeschickt von Bryan am 26 Dezember, 2010 um 02:57:59

Thank you for a great product. I've been using it on-and-off for years. :)

I am now using a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam. It supports HD resolutions. However, I am unable to save the high resolution settings in my configuration file (when the program loads, it reverts to 640 * 480 * 24.

To change the resolution, I do the following:
1. Open the Configuration settings.
2. Click on "Image Source" (The MS LifeCam is pre-selected, as this WAS saved in the configuration file). The format shows 640 * 480 * 24 7.5 fps.
3. Click on Video Capture Pin
4. Select an alternate resolution (1280 x 720 or 960 x 544). Click on "OK".
This returns to the "Image Source" page, and the resolution is set correctly.
5. Click on "OK" (from Image Source).
6. Click on the "Save Configuration" button in the menu.
7. Close SupervisionCam.
8. Restart SupervisionCam
...resolution shows 640 * 480.

Can the higher resolution be saved?



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