Re: settings won't save?

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Abgeschickt von petzl am 03 Januar, 2011 um 02:30:40:

Antwort auf: Re: settings won't save? von petzl am 01 Januar, 2011 um 02:03:55:

: : "mask" and "mask & image" are only view modes. There is nothing different for the motion detection but different options to see the mask image. That's why thiese settings are not saved.
: : Could you please your other problmes more detailed.

: ****
: Setting up, I use sound this deletes image if I change this?
: *****
: Changing any settings (like on/off sound) cause Mask to be deletd

Just copy "configurationmask:.jpg" and save it in a different folder
The reason I need a mask is for neighbors privacy
Have set-up Supervision cam to only capture on my roadway or entering my property. Australian law actually requires this


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