WDM settings not stored?

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Abgeschickt von Douglas Reedy am 08 Januar, 2011 um 16:18:05

Mr. Krist:

Greetings, I absolutely love SVC (thank you) and want to buy to use in for home security, however I am having a few problems.

1. In testing with 4 Logitech (Pro 4000 and Pro 5000) USB webcams, I discovered that the WDM setting for each camera is lost when SVC is closed and restarted. All the cams then default to the first WDM slot, so one camera has image while the other 3 are just blank. It becomes tedious to sort out which camera is assigned to which configuration knowing that this will be lost next time SVC is terminated. Is this a known problem, or am I perhaps configuring the cameras incorrectly?

2. So far, I have been unable to find a WiFi or wired IP camera that is compatible with SVC. They all seem to require a proprietary Java applet or ActiveX component which renders them incompatible with SVC (as far as I can tell). Are there ANY IP cameras that work with SVC?

I really want to purchase and dedicate a system to SVC but have been unable to overcome these issues. I hope you can take a moment to advise.

Thank you, and best regards.

Douglas Reedy
Ohio, USA


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