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Abgeschickt von Peter Kirst am 12 Mai, 2011 um 12:44:40:

Antwort auf: Plant research von Phil Brewer am 11 Mai, 2011 um 03:14:33:

> Will your software be able to take photos at regular time intervals from up to 10 webcams?

It is not a limitation of the software or the shareware status that you can only access 4 cams. You use probably one computer with 1 or two USB host controllers and it is an USB limitation that you cannot access so many cams. Please use the Windows Device Manager to check the used USB bandwith for one cam and you will see that there is not enought capacity. You may decrease the used bandwith by choosing a smaller resolution or frame rate. But to get 10 cams running you will probably use additional USB hosts.


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