External trigger need Shut/open for Digital camera

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Abgeschickt von Petzl am 30 Mai, 2011 um 06:31:18

Suggestion to value add
Would like a diagram for either a printer port or game port (one can get/buy a USB to Printer/Game ports) so I can trigger my Digital camera (through digital cameras remote control).Say after every 3 detections (selectable) made by SupervisionCam. The Digital camera can be permanently powered by 6 volts DC and automatically fire flash, it will save images however only to its flash drive, but much/far superior quality (mine allows 14 meg images and now outdated)
The switch would just "open" enough (say second) to fire camera then close. Repeating action again after 3 detections (selectable). I am using SupervisionCam for outside security


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