Re: External trigger need Shut/open for Digital camera

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Abgeschickt von Petzl am 01 Juni, 2011 um 01:34:51

Antwort auf: Re: External trigger need Shut/open for Digital camera von Peter Kirst am 30 Mai, 2011 um 09:31:35:

: You can trigger such an action by calling a program in case of motion detection. You can either start a program delivered by your Digital camera manufacturer or just start a program to set a defined status on a PC port.

Would help if you could name a on/off external trigger?
Any one can use a (burglar)detector like a PIR to fire a digital camera by just hooking it up (electric soldering) to a digital cameras remote controller button.
It would be better to combine pictures taken by SuperVisionCam with a digital camera for superior quality I see in your help file you can activate SupervisionCam via external trigger, what I want is the other way (SuperVisionCam to fire a external camera)


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