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Abgeschickt von Mike am 12 Juni, 2011 um 05:34:43

Antwort auf: Maske geht verloren von Oliver am 21 Januar, 2011 um 22:35:41:

My High School German ist nicht sehr gut, but if I'm reading this subject line correctly, I have the same problem.

SupervisionCam v running on XP SP3 now. The mask disappears any time I make a change in the configuration elsewhere, and the mask seems to disappear "randomly" by itself too. That is, I can go away for a few days, come back and the mask will be gone. (Computer is always on. The Hard Drives do not power down.)

The mask.bmp file is still there and the bitmap is still intact, showing my last mask. It's as though it's not being called by the program anymore.


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