Problem with Supervision Server

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Abgeschickt von John am 26 Juni, 2011 um 11:18:59:

Hello Peter. I have been using your programs for a long time but I now have a problem with the SupervisionView. I am using the latest Program version.. I have the PORT set to 8080 which it has always been set and had worked just fine. But now when I use SupervisionView from another PC on the Network is runs for about 20 second and then stops and says URL not found.( I have tried different PORT numbers and disabled any Firewalls on all PCs and main SupervisionCam PC ) If I leave it, it will start on its own after about 10 seconds. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Main SupervisionCam program but made no difference. If I try to view it on a different remote PC I get the same problem. Please advise.. Thanks John


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