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Abgeschickt von Mike am 07 Juli, 2011 um 09:23:45

Antwort auf: Re: FIXED!!!! Re: NTFS not compatible von Peter Kirst am 21 Maerz, 2011 um 06:47:49:

: : Guess what!!!!! Your program won't see the files in NTFS anytime after your program has a restart, UNLESS YOU HAVE MICROSOFT WINDOWS FILE INDEXING TURNED ON!!!!! I wasted four days figuring that one out!
: Many thanks for this information, I was not aware of this. But I don't think this is a issue of SvC. I use standard system calls to scan the directory.

Actually, I have found this too. If Indexing for the SvC save folder is not enabled, SvC does not work correctly on an NTFS drive.


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