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Abgeschickt von Peter Kirst am 08 November, 2011 um 18:45:03:

Antwort auf: changing the photo file name von objohn am 04 November, 2011 um 08:50:12:

: Is there a way to change the photo file name?
: e.g. 111104_01\us_11-11-04_01-46-07.jpg to
: 11-11-04_01-46-07 - 1.
: Thanks in advance for your time.
: Regards

The name of the us_... cannot be changed. Only for motion detected images you can call a rename command line under "run program" with many different place holders.
There is only one thing that can be changed for the us_ types: Add always xxx.0.jpg counter so that images recorded in a second use allways the same syntax. See the last entry under tips:


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