Re: Error with FTP-Upload

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Abgeschickt von Michael Kröger am 21 Januar, 2013 um 16:29:24

Antwort auf: Re: Error with FTP-Upload von Peter Kirst am 16 Januar, 2013 um 06:16:46:

now the problem is solved: i have to set the option 'PASSIVE ftp' for correct uploads to my web-server. this was the only reason!
Now i can proceed to arrange a home-watching laptop for me.
but further there must be found a way to send SMS'es to my cellphone, to get the very fast info when an alarm has been started (mail isn't useful). so i need an account at an online-SMS-service - for sending SMS'es without any user-dialog directly from my software-environment. i hope there is one out there...
bye for now!


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