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Abgeschickt von Peter Kirst am 27 Mai, 2013 um 06:22:27:

Antwort auf: Program 'stops' von Tim am 23 Mai, 2013 um 15:56:51:

It means SvC Windows are closed without a hint but the process is still alive?
It is OK that the program disappears from the taskbar if you minimize it. However you should see a notification icon. This icon can be hided too if you disable it in the program settings.

If this is not your problem it is also possible that the program crashes. In this case I can only recommand to try a nother capture device or driver. If a used driver does not work correct over a long time period the program has no chance to correct it. In some cases it helps to restart SvC automatically every day. If all drivers and system components work correct SvC runs over months without a problem.


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